• Hole In One Pilates Int'l

    The top professional golfers today are extremely strong and fit, highlighting the importance of fitness conditioning to the game.
  • Hole In One Pilates Int'l

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will become a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (C.G.F.I.)
  • Hole In One Pilates Int'l

    Our golf fitness program brings the biomechanics and the game of golf alive with hands on experience for its instructors.
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Continuing Education Workshops

Pilates for Golf and Hole in One Fitness™ credit level workshops, seminars and lectures are a great way to stay on top of your game. Professionally developed with input from leading golf, fitness and medical professionals, these workshops are essential skill development tools and provide continuing education (CEC) and professional development (CPD). These educational opportunities are industry driven and focus on bringing you the information, education and tools needed to further expand your practice.

Pilates for Golf™ and Hole in One Fitness™ go beyond programs and classes you add onto to your schedule. Just as golf is not a just a game. Golf is a passion and a lifestyle. Our programs will change your practice and your lifestyle. We are passionate about what we do and we hope you will share our passion. Our continuing education schedule is comprehensive and we are adding more programs every year. We listen to our instructors, our golfers and the industry to bring you classes and information that will distinguish you from other fitness and medical practitioners. As part of our organization, you are about to embark on lifelong learning and income advancement opportunities.

NEW in 2014 we will introduce our online learning series. We understand that not everyone is able to travel. From the comfort of your home or studio, you will now be able to participate in live webinars for certification courses, workshops and seminars.