• Hole In One Pilates Int'l

    The top professional golfers today are extremely strong and fit, highlighting the importance of fitness conditioning to the game.
  • Hole In One Pilates Int'l

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will become a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (C.G.F.I.)
  • Hole In One Pilates Int'l

    Our golf fitness program brings the biomechanics and the game of golf alive with hands on experience for its instructors.
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Business Tools - Your EDGE

Unlike other instructional programs that train you then forget about you, with PILATES FOR GOLF you're part of an international network of instructors, studios & golf clubs.

Golfers are unlike any other client you will have. Golfers will always golf and seek ways to improve their game. Pilates for Golf and Hole in One Fitness will teach you how to communicate with golfers and help them be more successful at their game.

"Do what you do best, and let a professional do the rest!"  We have spent tens of thousand of dollars creating marketing materials for your use. Our program  provides you with professionally designed marketing materials, logo’d apparel, newsletters with marketing, fitness, golf info and continuing business coaching.

"The training was great, the marketing materials are fabulous. Could not have done it on my own!" Ingrid, Pilates for Golf Instructor, Ontario

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead and envelopes
  • Two full colour brochures
  • Pilates for Golf post cards
  • Golf Clinic post cards
  • Sample letter to golf club
  • Sample press release
  • Ad mats in standard print sizes
  • Banner stands for trade shows, golf clubs and clinics
  • Marketing hints & how to’s

Pilates for Golf Instructors previously certified may purchase the Marketing Toolkit for less than the cost of designing a professional business card alone! For only $199 CDN. (Business Tools are available for Pilates for Golf, Hole in One Fitness and Golf Shape certified instructors only.)